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These are just a few of the architects, designers, artists and craftsmen whom the authors would like to know more about and they would love to find relatives. If you have information not in these books about any of the following please contact us.

Working in The North East were………………….

Robert Appleby, woodcarver b.1865 with a workshop in Newcastle

William Dixon architect (1850-1921) had an office in Half Moon St, Newcastle and lived in Riding Mill

George Skee, sculptor and designer b. 1884 worked in Blyth and emigrated to the U.S.A

Miss Mildred Charlton artist  and illuminator fl 1914 in Hexham

J. Edgar Mitchell, (1871-1922), artist, designer  and stained glass designer. Worked in Dundee, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hexham.

Victor Noble Rainbird (1886-1936) stained glass artist, muralist  and illustrator; a student at Newcastle School of Art. Lived in North Shields

W.Townsend Gray, architect  fl 1925 designed buildings for the Co-operative Wholesale Society

Mildred Jane Armstrong, ( b.1887/8). artist, craftsman & illuminator; trained at Newcastle School of Art

Rene Bowman (b. 1881) artist and craftsman trained at Newcastle School of Art

The Davies Studio (c. 1916-1935), Claremont Buildings, Barras Bridge, Newcastle. The artists were three sisters whose family lived Jarrow and attended St Paul’s Church, Jarrow.  Elizabeth (b.1877), Louisa (b. 1886) and  Barbara (b.1884) were talented artists and needlewomen. All three trained at Newcastle School of Art and Elizabeth taught there 1903-1918 and was a member of the Newcastle Handicrafts Guild. She was a skilled craftswomen in silver, enamel work, illumination and embroidery.

Other students at the Newcastle School of Art c 1901  onwards were  Alice Armes, Louisa Dickson, James or John Longstaff.

In Yorkshire we are seeking more information about and are looking for the work of:

Violet Mary Barnewall (b.1891, artist and stained-glass designer. Born in Pontefract and lived in Harrogate c 1911.

Francis Darlington (1880-1940) sculptor, born in Leeds, trained at the Slade School of Art and worked in Harrogate.

Robert Leonard Hart, (b. 1900), artist, illuminator, and teacher; taught in York.

Henry Ingle Potter, (1868-1927), architect worked in Sheffield

Harold Rhodes (b.1888) born in Bradford Trained at Bradford School of Art and the RCA. Taught in South Shields, Yorks and Southport and was Head at  of Schools of Art in Barrow-in-Furness (1926),

Marion Thompson (b.1891), stained glass artist born in Kensington with a family home in Guiseley.

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