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Rothbury: The Armstrong memorial cross.

Dr Tony Power, has co-authored a paper in York Historian 33 based on the recently discovered Day Book of the York based sculptor George Walker Milburn (p219 A&C in NE and p311 A&C in Yorks). The paper is a wonderful introduction to the vast amount of work undertaken in the region  and elsewhere by this much underrated artist craftsman.  Amongst many other things the article makes it clear that Milburn was responsible for the carving, designed by C.C. Hodges, for the Armstrong memorial cross in Rothbury.  Dr Power is working on a biography of G.W. Milburn which will surely throw a bright light on a career overshadowed now by such contemporaries as Robert Thompson, James Ellwood, Ralph Hedley, Bridgman and the Bowmans.

rothbury armstrong memorial cc hodges deer
A panel of the Armstrong Memorial cross, Rothbury.  Designed by C.C. Hodges, Executed by G.W. Milburn, 1902.






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